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Supermicro has developed a line of fully configured SuperServer® solutions to address the rapidly growing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) market. These solutions include a Supermicro 1U, 2U, FatTwin™, or 4U Tower SuperServer® configured with 2x Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4/v3 CPUs, up to 3TB ECC 3DS LRDIMM or RDIMM DDR4-2400MHz in 24 DIMM slots, and featuring NVIDIA GRID K1 / K2 and Tesla M60 GPUs that allow hardware virtualization.

VDI has become increasingly popular with the rise of near-ubiquitous wireless broadband, faster speeds thanks to the wider adoption of 4G, more powerful mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and laptops), higher display resolutions and a more positive approach towards BYOD within enterprises. These Supermicro systems bring the highest levels of processing power, memory, I/O bandwidth, storage capacity, and power efficiency to enterprise desktop applications. These Supermicro SuperServer® Solutions featuring NVIDIA GRID VDI technology are targeted at knowledge workers and power users with the K1 models while the K2 and M60-based models are optimized for designers and engineers. They all provide Supermicro's signature quality, reliability, and service.

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